Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Consecration of the Order of Deacon: MARIA ANDIA

We arrived at the Cathedral “the Good Shepherd” who finds located in Miraflores Lima. We came from San Juan de Lurigancho, to 70 minutes in omnibus. We arrived with the joy to be part of to great event in the Anglican Church of Peru. In the bus we came singing our songs with the Headteacher Carmen, the teachers and Father Jorge.

All the children lived exciting momen
ts during the liturgical celebration
. Specially when the Bishop William consecrated to Maria like deacon. In this picture we remembered when w
e prayed so that Maria is all a servant of the most needed, like Jesuschrist taught us. During the Homily the Bishop had made us remember the paper of deacon in the church. Deacon is a role in the Christian Church which is generally associated with service.

The delegation of the School San Mateo took a photography with the Bishop William and deacons from different countries. We can see in the picture our sister MARIA ANDIA (1), new deacon of The Anglican Church of Perú. She is wife of the Reverendo Juan Carlos Revilla, He is Anglican priest who works in the city of Arequipa. Also this day we displayed our new standard or banner(2)

The Students of the School San Mateo and the Teachers presented displayed dances of Peru. Dances of mountains of Peru. In this picture the professors dance “VALICHA”. Valicha is name of the female. A CUSCO woman.

Its name this writing in the heart of the man of cusco. It will go in his search and when not finding it this beautiful music will write. A full song of sadness and hope.

Our desire went to contribute to the joy of the Consecration of Maria Andia like Deacon

Everything I finalize in the joy of the Faith and with the dances of our towns of the mountain.

Monday, April 30, 2007

New Visitors in "San Mateo"

Visited us several Deacons coming from diverse diocese like those of Uruguay, United States, Cuba, Argentina, and Peru.

The humility and simplicity, of the deacons become evident when seeing that with fondness they come closer to the children

Two of the deacons visitors teaching a song to the 5 year-old children.

Anderson Deacon Peruvian story a history for all the students that listened with great interest.

Our students, teachers and the visitors sang commendations to God

The deacons and the students in a meditation moment and prayer in the oratory of our school "San Mateo"

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The first meeting of the Program "School for Parents"

Our School "San Mateo" carried out The first Meeting of the program "School For Parents", directed by our Psychologist Nancy Villar.

We had parents' of the students' of our school family good attendance that from before the hour of beginning they arrived to this event.

The Father Jorge carried out a liturgy, in which one helps of an icon of the sacred family to explain the importance that has to be Parents of Family.

Our Mrs. Directress Carmen Sánchez Lives, he welcomed to the assisting parents and he gave had inaugurated the Program "School For Parents."

The Psychologist guides the parents, about the care and responsibility that have towards her children.

Our teachers taught them songs and choreographies from the songs to the family parents and jointly they danced

We take advantage of the school for parents to greet in their birthday to Our Principal Carmen

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday: Bishop William

We celebrated a “NIGHT GALA” with the presence of the Bishop William and his wife Judith, his daughter Rachel. The Headteacher Mrs. Carmen Sanchez and Father Jorge Aguilar gave the Bishop to the representation of the "Boy of Espina". An allegory of the work of the Anglican Church in Peru.
Friday 20th April The Saint Matheo School were dressed of the celebration. We united The Bishop William Godfrey at the “Special Night”. It was one night special, where there were the union in oration and feelings in the person of The Bishop, of the Sister Judith, the Rev. Rachel and in our heart to all the Anglican family. It was wonderful

It was one night special, where our teachers graduated them. They received a training like librarians. The Bishop William gave certifications them.

All the school participated in the celebration. The students prepared dances and the professors too. Dance modern and dances of our ancestral culture, like SAYA

The Teachers, the Parents, The children, and all the community were accompanying to the Bishop William to elevate a pray of thanksgiving for the Gift of the Life.
Mr. Juan Maufinet returned to the school San Mateo after 5 years. He founded this Educative Center. The students of the promotion of the sixth degree, asked to him him to be the “Padrino de Graduación”.

We finished the celebration with fireworks, . Here we say “Fireworks Castle”. The Community the San Mateo's Mission and School were very happy. We enjoyed how children

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Playing the band Instruments

Our students directed by the teacher Benjamin, they are learning how to play the instruments of the band, and inclusive a boy of the nursery also wanted to play the drummer.

San Mateo in social work

With the help of our Monsignor Bishop William Godfrey our school and mission (priest, directress, teachers and studenst) , we support in the campaign of "Literacy" carried out by the education ministry, for the poor children of the City of Pacaycasa department of Ayacucho, with notebooks, pencils, erasers, choppers, and also specks and chalk for people that will qualify in this city.